instanded i turn

A concert of reconstructions in 3 scenes: "street", "stairs", "room".

Through captured glimpses and freeze frames 'instanded i turn' presents evidence of behaviours. Activities are separated from the experience that formed them and joined with the experience of reconstruction.
A response to 'Film' by Samuel Beckett, the paintings of Michael Borremans, Storytelling and Country Music.

creation & performance Boris Hauf, Litó Walkey
music original recording by Jeb Bishop & Boris Hauf, arranged by Boris Hauf, 'Texas Cooking' by Guy Clark
Story by Gamble Rogers from the film 'Heartworn Highways' (directed by James Szalapski)

duration 30 minutes

Commissioned by Graben Festtage 2006, Vienna Austria

Graben Festtage, Vienna Austria June 2006

photos by Gabriela Brandenstein

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